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What are the Consequences of Choosing an Inadequate Spiritual Director?

Spiritual direction is one of the fundamental elements in discerning one's vocation, but as we said in previous articles, this should not be the result of a mere personal choice, but of the response of God. Only God, who knows us better than anyone, knows the right person to guide our soul to His Divine Will.

What would be the consequence of choosing an inappropriate person? Think of the director as someone who steers the "vehicle of our soul." Should a bus driver captain a ship? Or a sailor fly an airplane? It’s not that one or the other isn’t good; each is simply equipped to steer a different kind of vehicle. In a certain way, it’s the same with souls; each has a different and specific mission, and the route taken by a boat is not the same as that made by an airplane.

I’ll end with a small personal testimony. When I was discerning and thinking about who my spiritual director might be, there were some possibilities, but thank God I received a sign that led me to my director. At one point, however, I was talking to a certain person (who was one of those I’d seriously considered as a possible director), and I told him about my discernment and the signs of my vocation. The advice he gave me was the opposite of what I was doing – to the point that he advised me not to proceed with the vocational experience, even though I had had many signs from the Lord to the contrary. I left there a little surprised by this dialogue but thankful to God for having indicated the person who was the right director for me; otherwise, I might have lost the right direction or taken longer to find the goal.



If you would to learn more about the four Biblical signs to discern your spiritual director, you can read the article HERE.

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