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VOCATIONAL WITNESS: "Take Courage, He is Calling You!"

Peace and good to everyone who reads this!

I am a young psgm aspirant and would like to recount the sign of confirmation that I received last August at a week-long camp put on by my diocese.

During our “desert day” we were reading the Gospel of Mark 10:46-49 in the camp booklet, and while I was meditating and praying in silence, my eyes fell upon the phrase, Take courage! Get up; He is calling you! Reading that phrase, I was enlightened because the Lord had spoken to me – He had heard my prayer and had answered! My prayer, of course, had been to ask Him if I was walking the correct path, if it was His will, and if I should continue walking in the direction of consecration.

With this sign, I had the definitive certainty that I was on exactly the right path! After this answer to my prayer, I decided to talk with the priest. I was a little embarrassed, but my friends accompanied me and waited for me. I recounted everything to the priest, and he told me that it was a beautiful sign and that beautiful things awaited me. (And he was right – in fact, 8 days after this camp, I left to have an experience with the Little Nuns of Jesus and Mary, and from then on my vocational experiences would get longer and longer.) After speaking with the priest about this, I made a very good confession, and I returned to my friends so happy and radiant that they said I shone with a powerful light!

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