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The Sign of a Relic during a Pilgrimage!

In this article I will share something that happened during a 2019 mission in Brazil.

We were crossing the state of Minas Gerais on foot and hitchhiking according to our charism. Our intent was to reach Belo Horizonte before sunset, where a family was waiting for us. As we had many cities to visit on our mission and the time was short, we thought that the Lord would have permitted a quick trip, but as it is Written: “Plans are made in human hearts, but from the Lord comes the response” (Prov 16:1). In fact, that day we were unable to reach Belo Horizonte!

Before sunset, with God’s help, we were able to catch a ride who drove us close to a bus station in the nearby city. We went to a Church to ask if they could host us for the night, but the priest was not there. The parish secretary wanted to help us and called some friars from the community “O Caminho,” who immediately responded saying they would be able to host us. While we were heading to the house of this community, we reflected upon the meaning of what had happened: If God had permitted that we stay in this city, there must be a good reason! And in fact, we would find out why later on!

The friars welcomed us with great joy and generosity, making us truly feel at home! But the best was et to come! The next day, before continuing on our journey, we decided to give a relic of St. John Paul II that we had with us to one of the friars as a thank you for their hospitality. That friar was very surprised and became very emotional as he told us that the Lord had answered his prayer! It turns out that two days before, he asked God for a sign to confirm that he should take his perpetual vows, and he wanted that sign to be a relic of St. John Paul II!!!

We all stood there with our mouths open in awe and joy in our hearts, thanking God that he had led us there, as St. Paul says: “Those who trust in the Lord will not be disappointed” (cf Sirach 32:24b).


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