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Are you Fighting with God?

If we were to ask ourselves: “Would I go against God?” we would probably answer “no,” otherwise it would make no sense to be on a journey of vocational discernment. Nevertheless, there can be moments within us where we begin to fight him, even without realizing it. Speaking with some young people interested in religious life, the moment of confusion and temptation always comes, even if they know with certainty what God wants of them. It is normal to be tempted; so, if it did not provoke a certain attraction, what sort of temptation would it be? But we know the Word of God that tells us: “God is faithful and he will not permit you to be tempted beyond your strength, but with temptation he will give you the means to overcome and that strength to endure it” (1 Cor 10:13). With the grace of God and our good will, there is no temptation that cannot be overcome! The problem is when you begin to fight against that which God is asking of you.

  • "Lord, why are you calling me to renounce something like this?”

  • “Lord, why must I leave my country?”

  • “Lord, why did you have to ask me?” etc., etc.

Challenging the Will of God! Not wanting to accept it because it leads us to have to renounce ourselves and our own wills, because it brings us to face our fears. Who are you, man, to challenge God? Would the one who is shaped say to the one who formed him: “Why did you make me like that?” (Rom 19:20)

Let us allow ourselves to be molded by God, without resistance. We are grateful to the Lord for the calling he has made for us. He, the Creator of the Universe, laid his eyes upon us to show us his will. What more could we do? What are 40, 60, 80 years in view of eternity? “We are stones that move, that feel, that have a free will. God himself is the artisan who files the edges, carves us, changing us as he wills, with the blows of the hammer and the chisel. We don’t want to run away, we don’t want to avoid his will, because in either case we cannot avoid the blows. – We will suffer more and to no avail, and instead of a smooth stone useful for building, we will be a pile of gravel that men will trample with contempt.” (St. Josemaría Escrivá, The Way, n. 756, unpublished translation by pfsgm.)

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