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Reflection on Sincerity

Sincerity: This is another word that has accompanied me a lot in my vocational journey.

In its etymology, the word “sincere” comes from the Latin “sincerus” which means clean or pure, but there is also an explanation that associates the term “sincere” with the meaning “truthful” because of a way that it was used in Rome. Some inexperienced sculptors used wax to mask the imperfections in the sculptures. For this reason, the Roman Senate promulgated a decree which made it so that all of the sculptures produced in Rome should be “sine cero,” that is: without wax, without masks, true. This is considered the popular etymology.

But what does this have to do with a vocational journey? To follow the Lord, we cannot do it with layers of “masks” of wax, with a lack of sincerity within ourselves, thinking that we can trick the Lord – the only one who knows the depths of our heart (cf. Jer 17:10). Sincerity derives from accepting who we are, but also not using games and tricks to avoid the call. It is necessary to recognize our own limits and weaknesses, but without unrealistic pessimism, with the certainty that GOD acts with mercy, that his FIDELITY lasts forever; therefore, whatever we cannot do alone, we can do with the help of GOD. In my opinion, sincerity is also to assume the Vocation and Charism which God calls us to, and not to go wherever we want or desire. It is not to let the fears speak louder than God – not to hide behind frustrations.

In the vocational journey, we often think that we must give many things to the Lord, etc., but the truth is that God desires two essential things from us: SINCERITY and AVAILABILITY. When we give these two things to the Lord, we will see the marvels that He can accomplish in us. It is like saying: “Here I am. Do your will in me.”

Rita, psgm aspirant

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